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DOK,Inc. President Gilbert Ben signing contract with Nu Vizhn.

Nu Vizhn signs contract with the Descendants Of K'aayelii, Inc.

Aneth, Utah - The Descendants Of K'aayelii, a 501(c)(3) grassroots community organization based in the state of Utah, contracted with Nu Vizhn to provide their organization with Consulting and Funds Acquisition services.



S ince the year 1956, the present day descendants of Dine' Leader Haasti K'aayelii have been manipulated and deprived of their rightful benefits and inheritance owed to them from oil production royalties.

Hastii K'aayelii was born in 1801 in the Bears Ears mountains in Southeastern Utah. He is credited with being the only Dine'(or Navajo) Headsman who refused to fight the US and to surrender his people to be imprisoned at Ft. Sumner, New Mexico in 1864. The US pressured captive Headsman Chief Manuelito to utilize his trackers to locate Hastii K'aayelii and his people. They hid all throughout their homelands in and around the Bears Ears region, evading capture by the US and endured constant confrontations with the Mormon invaders.

Hastii K'aayelii and his people remained a "free people" up until 1933. In 1933 by an Act of Congress, through the petitions of the Mormons, the K'aayelii Dine' were forcibly relocated to an extension to the Navajo reservation known as the "Aneth Extension." The K'aayelii Dine' were to be relocated to the Navajo Reservation, but the Navajo and K'aayelii Dine' were not on good terms, and were not welcome. As a solution, the US extended the Navajo Reservation boundaries to include an area in the southeastern part of the state. Most significantly, this Act also entitled them to benefit from the land and all it's natural resources.

With the discovery of oil on the extension in 1954, the first wave of oil production began and years of pollution and waste have resulted til present day - as a result, the water supply has been contaminated and in most area cases; is not fit for human consumption.

Millions of dollars in royalties earned were never properly administrated within their community - as was deemed by the Laws of the United States of America (Act of 1933). A "trust" fund (Navajo Utah Trust Fund) was created and throughout it's history, funds have been abused and misappropriated by various parties. The K'aayelii people have been deprived of their share which has prevented their community from advancing - directly resulting in the third world conditions most who reside within the extension, dwell in today.

The Descendants Of K'aayelii, Inc. have solicited the services of Nu Vizhn to acquire funds to carry out their organization's mission and to advance their position in seeking justice through the legal system.

To find out more about the Descendants Of K'aayelii, their history, mission, and how you can help; please visit:

Story by Jovanii Nez

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  • June 04, 2016
  • Nu Vizhn News

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