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Through our strategic partnerships with Government, National and International corporate entities, organizations, and "like-minded" professional individuals; Nu Vizhn has successfully become a one of kind multifaceted company.

Nu Vizhn is an alliance between Corporate America and our Native American communities. This type of alliance is virtually nonexistent within Native American communities today; accomplished by a Native American owned company.

Nu Vizhn is proud to say that we have established working relationships in the business environments that follow, and now are able to offer this vast array of services to the private, commercial, and government sectors of Native America and beyond. They include; but are not limited to:

Multi-Media Design, Marketing and Consulting Services, Youth Motivational Programs & Development, Recording Label, Audio Production & Engineering, TV, Film, & Video Production, Media, Music, & Writing Services, Entertainment Production & Touring, Strategic Business Development, Architectural Design Services, a full service Green Energy Planning Firm, Development & Construction Company utilizing Advanced Green Energy Technologies.

It is our "Nu Vizhn" and mission to seek and establish key partnerships with Federal, as well as, State Governmental Agencies, corporate, private, and non profit organizations; and intermediate between these organizations, businesses, and the Native American communities; forging relationships for the benefit of future economic and social development for the preservation of our sacred lands, resources and cultures.

Nu Vizhn has identified several of the alarming modern social statistics and issues that plague our Native American communities. Nu Vizhn, with its partners and associates, has created a series of business models and solutions that we believe will help alleviate some of the tremendous pressures and needs for social and economic reform within our nations.

By aligning ourselves with various national and global industries, Nu Vizhn has established a means to accomplish our mission by creating opportunities for our nations that otherwise may not have been recognized. Nu Vizhn will capitalize on these key relationships and assist the Native American communities in generating multiple revenue sources for their constituencies which we believe may then be used to fund future economic development projects which will not only benefit our sovereign nations; but will begin the long healing process for our peoples, and benefit the world as well.

Our business philosophy is simple, "To always give our clients our very best efforts, our futures depend upon it."

Our business philosophy is reflected in our goals with every project we commit ourselves to in the wide array of services we offer. We strive to offer these services affordably to the Native American communities so as to create opportunities that may not have been there before; enhance their livelihood and develop long term sustainable economic development projects within their Sovereign Nations.

Our histories have long illustrated a "lack of trust" between our Native American nations and the Western Societies. It is our goal to bridge this barrier and to mediate between the cultures, bringing a better understanding of the value and benefit of doing business with the Native American nations while continuing to further illustrate the necessity to all who participate in the opportunities at hand, in continuing to understand and respect the "Cultural Relevance" of our Nations and Peoples. We believe that it is imperative to establish relationships with global entities to achieve this goal. Working together to create a brighter future for all, as well as, to help preserve our earth's natural resources is vital for all of our future generations to come.