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"Black Rose" - a new Television Drama Series by 99 Ways Entertainment.

New York City, New York - With the success of one of our partnering firms' motion picture release "Joy Road;" 99 Ways Entertainment's newest television drama series "Black Rose" will soon make it's debut.

"Black Rose" - a new Television Drama Series by 99 Ways Entertainment.

Nu Vizhn Designs & Nu Vizhn Marketing are collaboratively working with partner company Det2LA National Marketing to cast, promote, and market the new television series.

"Amidst a years-long search for her orphaned niece, an anthropology professor centers her research in a crime-ridden section of Brooklyn. When she discovers a wave of teen abductions in the area, her mission becomes a quest for truth."


O n the surface, "Black Rose" directed by Harry Davis; will begin as a typical missing child story where one is led to believe that the dysfunction of an inner city community is the cause for abduction. That will be the first story arc. However, the viewers will soon learn that there are serial abductions, and responsibility lies in the institutions that have shaped the community, ultimately noting that society as a whole is complicit.

The tempo builds as the series progresses and a web develops. The web connects failed policies, corruption and misguided community leaders, to missing children who are the least of anyone's concern. The serial abductions increase, as the pressure exposes the fractures in the institutions built to solve them. Instead of coming to terms with how society has failed this community; the deceit, lies, and crime - reach a fever pitch.

Dr. Roxanne Black is the individual who straddles the layers of this society. A champion for the underdog, she symbolizes the idea of what it is to be a heroine. As she gets deeper into solving the serial abductions that are disrupting the community, she discovers aspects of herself that both contribute to and struggle against the nihilism - a psychological unraveling.

Action shot from the "Black Rose" trailer.

99 Ways Entertainment, based out of New York; is dedicated to creating commercially viable films to use as vehicles for debate on social issues. Creating opportunities for our communities to succeed in the film and entertainment industries, 99 Ways Entertainment is a company that Nu Vizhn supports and stands firm with.

99 Ways Entertainment

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Story by Trish Zapata

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  • September 25, 2015
  • Nu Vizhn News

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